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Welcome "A Self Guru" to The What Now Movement

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

After a great interview on the 30 Minute Hour Podcast, we are happy to announce that A Self Guru and its CEO Amira Irfan to our growing list of partners.

After watching her father’s business get sued for $90,000 for a legal mistake that could have been avoided, Amira decided to become a lawyer. Her mission became to prevent other entrepreneurs from suffering the same fate. A Self Guru is a legal consulting, blog, and coaching company that generates six figures.

A Self Guru's most popular program and one that is most beneficial to e-commerce entrepreneurs and business owners is 3 Legal Mistakes eCommerce Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid.

If you are in need of FREE legal templates to help run your business, please click here. Or if you are ready for the next step and need a full suite of legal products, click here.

Disclaimer: We are an affiliate of A SELF Guru and receive a commission for any purchases made through the links posted.

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