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From Dinosaurs to Mysteries, Meet the Authors of The What Now Movement

For the 2022 National Book Lover's Day, I asked the authors in the Movement to share their books with us. The creativity and genres were all across the board and it was a great day to celebrate the day and their achievement with them.


The Discipline of Now is from our founder, Eric M. Twiggs, and is a guide to preventing procrastination. Another author in the group, Becky Vannison Baldwin reviewed the book and said, " It changed her life."

I read it too but after working with Eric for the last year, his actions show you that procrastination does not work. He is all about achieving goals and there's no way you can achieve your goals if you put things off.

If you are suffering from procrastination and need a strategy to improve your ability to get things done promptly, buy the book. If you want a consultation with Eric Twiggs, here is the link,

Possibilities Realized

Speaking of Becky Vannison-Baldwin, her book is called Possibilities Realized. It's for those needing real-life perseverance, especially when you think you can't. Becky says, "You will!"

Purchase here,


Max Hawthorne is one of The What Now Movement's most prolific authors with nine books published. His latest is KRONOS RISING: PURGATORY, book six in his Kronos series.

"If you're a fan of dinosaur books for adults like Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park and Lost World, must read adventure books like Greig Beck's To the Center of the Earth series, or amazing action stories a la Steve Alten's Meg franchise, you're going to LOVE the Kronos Rising series!"

Purchase this book and the complete series, here


From dinosaurs to Philadelphia, here is a mystery from Judge Mark Moore, The People's Business. I am a mystery fan and a friend so I was happy to honestly love this book. It was a taste of Philly with places I was familiar with people that surprised me. It is the perfect blend for a mystery book.

The Strength of Our Anchors

Last but not least on our list from the day, is an anthology co-authored and led by our Dawn Bornheimer, The Strength of Our Anchors.

It is a collection of personal stories told by Dawn, Erin Antroinen, Jackie MacDougall, Emily Clark, Kim LaMontagne ( another author in our group) , Leia Lewis, Natasha Novak, Anna Owusu, Kathy Clark, and Tina Paulus-Krause. Their stories are woven with the challenges they’ve overcome, lessons learned, tools acquired, and the perspective that comes as a result of their willingness to reflect.

The What Now Mindset

I am happy to announce that we are taking orders for The What Now Mindset led by Dawn and Dr. Sharon.

The What Now Mindset is another anthology that has stories that speak to the mission of The What Now Movement. These are stories that are real. These are stories about the moment that our authors had to face life's moments and ask themselves, "What's next?".

The stories are inspirational and each one answers the questions of what these inspirational authors did to overcome and be ready for the next time they need to pivot.

You can purchase your copy here,

Ways to Support All Authors All Year

After writing one chapter of The Women Who Leads in Business book, I know how hard it is to write anything. Once that book is published, it is also hard to promote it and get sales. It is a labor of love that ultimately means more to the author than the audience so Max Hawthorne shared with us, a few things we can do to support these authors independent of BUYING the book. Take a moment and support an author today!


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