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Four secrets to becoming a peak performer starts with R.E.S.T.

People are often curious about the methods or the ways they can use to achieve their peak performance in certain aspects of life. Most often, the peak performance of the people is the result of four major things. No matter how many peak performances of different people around the world you have observed, you will end up with the same four everyday things behind every peak performance.

In July’s Coffee and Conversation, we discussed the following four things in detail that can enhance any performance or work. Experts present the four things in the form of the formula R.E.S.T, which indicates the four most important aspects for achieving peak performance:

  • Routine

  • Eating

  • Sleeping

  • Training


One can never underestimate the power of consistency. If we want to achieve peak performance in our life, career, or other areas, a consistent routine is a major part of it. Sports players are the best example as they set their routines in a very certain way. For instance, they get up at the same time every day, practice their game daily at a specific time, and even eat a particular food before their special game. All these things form a consistent routine and contribute to their peak performance.

The entrepreneur follows the same set of routines. They also get up early every single morning and start their day by meditating, exercising and reading their scripture. Moreover, when they begin meeting with the people and start their business, they are already at their peak performance mindset. This mindset assists them in providing their best and maintaining and managing their best performance. Therefore, a consistent routine is the key and the most imperative part of achieving your peak performance.


The second most important thing that plays a consistent role in your peak performance is your eating habits. We cannot put any less stress on the eating habits of the individual and the effect it has on the routine of that person. People with peak performances have a certain routine, as discussed above, and to follow such routine, they require a constant energy level. This energy level can only be achieved by good eating habits, and by eating, we definitely do not mean eating anything that comes in front of us, but by eating means eating healthy food. People with peak performance must include greens, healthy food options, and a balanced diet in their routine.

People with type A personalities tend to adopt a habit very quickly, but the downside is that they can also get used to bad habits more often. So, from the diet perspective, it may be easy for them to develop the habit of eating daily and three times a day, but what they are eating in their meals can be another topic of discussion. As people are busy in their lives, they ignore the most critical aspect of their lives, which is eating healthy and good food.

People often take eating healthy as the eating less perspective, but what is really important is eating right. People must dedicate some part of their day to making themselves good lunches so they can eat healthy and focus on their daily peak performance routine. You need to sit down for some time, have a proper meal, and then continue your work. As eating and exercising literally dictate our whole energy level, it would not hurt us to dedicate the 20 minutes of our morning to making ourselves a nice salad and meal for lunch and dedicate some time to the morning walk and exercise.

Eating with the routine plays a significant role in enhancing our overall peak performance and provides us with the sufficient and efficient energy that we require to continue our routine for gaining success. So eating healthy and good food with a perfect routine can actually create a ton of difference in the outcome of your hard work.


The third that must be kept in consideration for peak performance is the sleeping routine. There is a phenomenon called reverse procrastination in which people often disturb their sleeping cycle because they do not get enough time for certain activities during the day. Usually, your days are led by someone else, and you cannot do the activities that you decided to do, so you deprive some of your sleep in order to perform certain activities. Sleep deprivation, if experienced occasionally, can disturb your routine and energy level for the next day and disrupt your peak performance level.

People often ignore the eight-hour sleep because they are very busy, but in reality, they just have to set their routine. They need to get to bed at seven, eight, or nine o'clock so they can get their eight-hour sleep and get up at four in the morning. Therefore, you need to go to bed on time and avoid procrastination if you want to get quality sleep and avoid a foggy mind during your day. And if you are feeling that you are not getting your me time during your day, you just need to adjust some activities accordingly.


The last aspect playing a role in your peak performance is the training of your mind and body. Most people with peak performances are used to exercising three to four times a week, which plays a vital role in their life. And the along with the physical exercises, the mental exercise also contributes equally to the peak performance. Mental training includes reading books, newspapers, and inspirational and meditating content, and all of these play significant roles in enhancing and achieving peak performance.

We all can be PEAK performers.

Once you become a peak performer, that's when you will start to see the peak results. It's really more about becoming right. This is an inside-out approach. You have to become that peak performer if you expect to see and experience peak performance. Don’t forget to R.E.S.T and you will become the peak performer you need for continued success.

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