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Dr. Sharon Lives by Michael Hyatt’s 3x3 Goal Achievement Strategy

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

I live by Michael Hyatt’s 3 x 3 Goal Achievement Strategy. You set three goals in three steps.

First Step: Set 3 quarterly goals.

It is best to limit yourself to a few really important goals. Mr. Hyatt says “If you limit your focus, you can multiply your success. Having 15 priorities at the same time amounts to having none at all.”

To determine which goals you should set, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is particularly important for you in the next three months?

2. What is particularly urgent , what do I have to complete this quarter?

3. What do I have the capacity for?

Second Step: Set 3 Weekly Milestones

The weekly milestones should of course align to your quarterly goals.

Third Step: Set 3 tasks for the day

Your daily tasks should align to your quarterly goals and weekly milestones.


I love protocols especially the stop, start, continue change protocol.

It's really simple. You list all the things that you need to stop, start, continue, and change, And if you do that on a regular basis, that goes back to Act, Access, and Adjust, then you are constantly making those necessary adjustments.

My TEAM of Educators Live by Protocols

As a team of educators, we live by protocols. We remove anything that's on the STOP column because it’s not beneficial to accomplishing our goals. This applies to anyone that wants to achieve. Plus, it’s a simple activity yields so many benefits.

As an educational leader, dealing with urgent matters that arise all day we are constantly adjusting our goals for the next day.

And so what doesn't get done, is added to my task the next day. And so that becomes now one of my daily goals for the next day, the same thing for the week, at the end of the week, what I did not get accomplished for that week, I include it for the next week.

You have to be realistic and know that you're not going to meet every goal at your defined time. I love Stephen Covey's urgent and important. And so those things that come that are urgent, you have to take care of. Urgent matters take precedence over everything.


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