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Coffee and Conversations: Winning The 2nd Half of '22

Can you imagine a football team, basketball team, tennis, or whatever your sport of choice is, imagine them getting to halftime? What's the score? That is the first critical step to winning in the second half of 2022. You need to know exactly what the score is, start making the necessary adjustments, and find a coach that can get you to the championship.

The What Now Movement team answered these questions during our June Coffee and Conversation, "What are some things that you do in your business to keep score?"

Eric M. Twiggs, President and Procrastination Prevention Coach - For my coaching clients I find it helpful to do an exercise where you fast forward to the future. Pretend it's December 31st of 2022, and you're saying to your business partner, this is the best year we've ever had. We have exceeded all our expectations.

My next question to them is what specifically happened to help you achieve this expectation? What are three to five specific outcomes that would leave you feeling this way? These outcomes become your goals/ scoreboard that you can compare your current results to. Keep track and then you can just take that and break it down by month by week. You will win in 2022.

Ted Fells, Vice President, Strategy, and CEO of NuCore Vision - I look at deals closed and revenue generated. I take a look at how much we generated and how that ties to the goals that we've set as an organization.

Once we've taken a look, we ask how at the activities the team has done and how did the activities contribute to the achievement of our goals. If we didn't then we have to ask, why not?

Dr. Sharon H. Porter, Vice President of Communications and CEO of Vision and Purpose Lifestyle Media - I am a huge proponent of reflecting. All your goals have to align. Your daily goals work towards your weekly goals, which work towards your monthly goals , likewise towards your quarterly goals. And then of course it all leads to your annual goals. I am a visual CEO and like to use Trello. It's a tracking system that allows me to post my goals digitally.

Maisha B. Hoye, Director of Marketing and Founder and Chief Customer Officer, Customer 1st Marketing -

I look at my numbers, leads ( internal and for my clients) and how many clients are repeat versus new customers. When you're in business knowing your numbers is how you stay in business.

Your soft, less tangible goals are also important. These are the activities that will ultimately lead to results and need to be tracked but it is part of a larger picture. These are activities that can easily be adjusted.

The app I use is Commit To Three. It's unique in its simplicity. I jot down three tasks I'm committing to for the day and check them off once complete. The feeling of satisfaction I get from that simple checklist does a lot for my mentality.

The Tools Mentioned in this Month's Coffee and Conversation

The What Now Movement team uses multiple tools with the Movement and in their other businesses. Here are are a few mentioned in June:

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