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A Podcasting Masterclass from The Founders of The What Now Movement

Updated: Mar 25, 2023


What are your goals for your podcast?

  • Monetize your podcast?

  • Promote it better?

  • Attract the right audience?

  • Sponsorship?

Get Your Answers on April 15

Join Eric and Ted, the founders of The What Now Movement and the 30 Minute Hour podcast on Saturday, April 15, 2023, for our FREE Masterclass titled "Explode Your Downloads"

Why listen to Eric and Ted, you ask? Like you, they thought instant fame with millions of downloads like Joe Rogan & Tim Ferris!

When they first started The 30 Minute Hour Podcast, they were on "the friends and family podcasting plan. "

That's right. Only their friends and family were the listeners!

Same for guests. To find guests, they would call other friends and family to be on the show.

To make matters worse, they only averaged 87 downloads per week for the first two years! They consistent cranked out weekly episodes but had no results to justify our efforts.

They had to ask , "WHAT NOW?" and changed trajectory immediately! Everything changed:

• From 87 to 14,081 Downloads Per Week! 56,326 Downloads Per Month!

• Over half a million Downloads ALL Time!

• A Top 2% Global Ranking out of 4 million podcasts!

• 5 Star Reviews On Apple Podcasts!

• Guest Openings are filled 12 weeks in advance!

• International guests with an worldwide following!

Now, they want to help you do the same! Let their 7-Step Podcast Framework transform your podcast and move you from the friends and family plan to over half a million downloads.

Don't procrastinate and register NOW! REGISTER NOW .

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